Carry a pair of comfortable Shoes with you or Tucked in your purse

Don’t wear uncomforable shoes when you’re Planning a long walk


Talk To your date Before Going out about who is going to pay or Decide to go dutch ( Dutch means  each pay for themselves ). Also Determine Transportaion Arrangements .

don’t assume that the other person is paying for the date


: tonight ‘s the big night and this is your chance to make great first impression , so have some fun ! Spend your first date out in the town Whille  Enjoying the wonderful vegas weather . Even if it’s little Chilly outside ,the Ladies can Remain Classy and Conservative with a sleek

dress topped off with a nice Shawl or Cardigan sweater .

fashion’s at it’s best when you feel  confident  in your look.

Fellas !  Put on your favortie Denims and get Ready for the theatre , Restaurant ,or Concert , Don’t forget to wear those walking boots for night downtown ! Don’t forget to wear  those walking boots for a night downtown ! When Going Out Forcus Less on the idea of dressy Vs Casual and just make your Night out more trendy and fun ! when Going Out focus less on the idea of dressy vs

Casual “,  and Just Make your night out more Trendy and Fun ! Consider Saving The dress down saving the dress down Classy Look For the evening  Dinner at home . When shopping , Look for great color Combinations and the current styles that fit your body -type best . Remember  , Fashion has no rules and being comfortable in your first Priority ! check out Anna and Daniel ‘s chic Choices for a night at The Gallery.

on Daniel :

Darki Blue Denim Jeans $ 9.95

long Sleeve Plaid Button up Shirt $ 24.95

on Anna

Black Leggings $ 9 . 95

Grey short Sleeve Knitted Cami $m 17.95

Retro Jeresy Shirt $  12.95

show white zip up Shoes  & 14 . 95  All Clothes Purchased at H& M   in Town Square

your first impression is your best impression . When Going a date with someone for the first time you don’t Want to show off to much Skin or wear Things to Revealing  , Ladies! You don’t want to send oout the wrong message . keep your outfit very Classy and Reserved for the guys make sure you stay way from Sagging pants – It Scares the women away ! Also Avoid Screen Printed T-shirts  That

naughty things as it coube be offensive to your Date and others.