Marley & Me

A Fox 2000 Movie, Family/Comedy/Drama, 2008, Rated PG

Who’s In It?
Jennifer Aniston (Jenny Grogan),
Owen Wilson (John Grogan

What’s it about?

A reporter named John Grogan (Owen Wilson) buys his wife Jenny Grogan (Jennifer Aniston ) a Labrador puppy. After listening to a Bob Marley song, John names the puppy “Marley”. The puppy becomes a part of their lives and keeps them on their feet! Marley, a very energetic dog (even when he is all grown up) reaches at least a hundred pounds.  He plays and jumps around like he is a puppy, and it gets on Jenny’s nerves. When the couple has kids of their own everything Marley does irks Jenny and she wants him out!  John loves this dog.

What did we like?

We liked the fact that Marley still had energy to play even when he got older. In a way, Marley showed the Grogan’s how to get prepared for children of their own.

What didn’t we like?

We didn’t like when Jenny started having children of her own and she started getting really angry with Marley when he did things she didn’t like.  The end was very sad to us it made us all cry!


We say TOTALLY see it!