: Circles shows you HOW TO DRESS FOR THE OCCASION!



We are in that “loving” time of the year when the weather is nearing perfect in our sunny city.  Whether going on your first date includes spending time at the home of a potential love interest or going to an art gallery for some “out-on-the-town” excitement, we have a few do’s and don’ts for all occasions.   First dates can be a blast, especially when you find the perfect dress to go with a candle light dinner, or a pair of fabulously comfortable shoes to light up the night in style!





Dress up those good ole’ jeans with a nice sweater or a

cool shirt for dinner at your place.  How often do we get

a chance to pair a button up shirt with cool tennis shoes

and look fabulous in the comfort of your own home?

Keep your wear stylish and comfortable, but appropriate

for the occasion. Ladies, have a little fun putting on your

favorite earrings and turning on some nice music.  Guys,








take advantage of the opportunity to play dress up and

show off your classy side. Spruce up your outfit with cool

colors and accessories like watches, earrings, necklaces,

and rings.  Benjamin and Sonia did just that with a simply

elegant evening of music and a delicious dinner.





Woven Dress $24.95

Swede flats $12.95



Slim fit denim jeans $19.95

Patched elbow night blue sweater $14.95


steer away from  sweat pants and Tank  Tops . Remember, you want to Impress your date  not run them  away!

whether you’re at home  or  A fine Restaurant , Dressing   up for dinner can be fun  but you don’t want to go Overboard

and become an eyesore . Don’t  do  the tuxedo and tie  thing ,ball gowns or evening gowns – you can Leave the purse this time !

Find the right Balance dressy and casual try not wear too many accessories as this can also be very distracting

play some nice Music . It helps to fill any moments of Silence and Creates a topic of Conversation.


Talk to your date Before Planning the dinner and get some ideas on what they like to do at home for fun ( Example : playing board  or card games )

Spilling out all your personal Business to him/her on first date is a big no no !


Don’t  Settle into watching a TV or movie . First dates are the Opportunity to get know someone . TV and Movies Tends to Focus

your attention on the Screen  instead of your guest.