By Dominique Clay-Brown and Megan Wright

 Some of the most rewarding jobs are those we do out of love and require no payment.  Our “In the Real World” Spotlight, Lizzy Samlowski, would definitely agree. Lizzy’s current paid job is as a member of “Time 2 Shine”, a residential and commercial cleaning business. But her heart belongs to Heaven Can Wait, a non-profit organization formed in 2000 to deal with the un-wanted animals in our community. Their mission is to eliminate companion animal suffering and pet over-population. Lizzy has always had a great love for animals and has worked with them for years. While living in Salt Lake City, she worked for the Humane Society. Lizzy’s love for animals gave her the desire to find out how she could do more here in Las Vegas. Lizzy approached her staff and together they decided that volunteering would allow her to do just that. Heaven Can Wait asked Lizzy if she would be interested in working with the cats at the pet adoption center. She was very excited by the opportunity and accepted. Lizzy told us that she spends most of her time at the adoption center cleaning the cats’ cages and their beds. But she said she also likes spending any extra time just sitting and playing with the cats. Lizzy even has a favorite cat, her name is Marsha, and has been helping nurse her back to health. Lizzy hopes that all the cats can find a safe and happy home someday. Lizzy is a great example of how non paid work is very important and can be extremely fulfilling. Not only can you meet people with similar interests but it is a great way to gain experience and broaden your social network. And believe it or not volunteering can be good for you health! Research has shown that volunteering gives you an improved sense of well-being, higher self-esteem, and may lower certain health risks associated with anxiety and depression.