1. “Family Matters” a spin-off of what other show?

A Punky Brewster

B Full House

C Perfect Strangers

2. What color was the refrigerator in “The Brady Bunch”?

A White

B Green

C Black

3. In the original “Beverly Hills 90210”, where did the Walsh family live before they moved to Beverly Hills?

A Florida

B Michigan

C Minnesota

4. What was the hang out of the 90210 gang?

A Peach Pit

B Cherry Pit

C Orange Peel

5. On the show “Friends”, what was the name of Ross’s monkey?

A Marcel

B Juan

C Fidel

6. In “Saved by the Bell”, what were Zack and Kelly dressed up as the night they broke up?

A Hansel and Gretal

B Romeo and Juliet

C Beauty and the Beast

7. What is the name of Mr. Krane’s dog on “Frasier”?

A Sammie

B Eddie

C Reggie

8. In “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, what was the butler’s name?

A Johnathan

B Samuel

C Geoffery

9. What 80’s show is “Frasier” a spin-off of?

A News Radio

B Cheers

C Wings

10. In “The Simpsons”, what was Springfield’s rival town?

A Marysville

B Shelbyville

C Bloomfield