In the Real World

Spotlight on Kathleen- Event Specialist at Studio 8 Ten


Throwing parties at home is a lot of fun…so much fun you might think it would also be a great job.  Our real world spotlight, Studio 8 Ten event specialist, Kathleen, would definitely agree.  Kathleen works as a cashier, tour guide, and sales person during special events at the downtown art studio and gift shop and loves every minute of her job.  She told us the best thing about working special events is being able to meet new people and see new faces.  She loves being able to tell people about the studio and hear the nice things they have to say in return.  Kathleen works a variety of different events, like art receptions at the studio, and also works at craft fairs and farmer’s markets where she sets up tents and tables to sell handmade products.  “This year I worked at Art in the Park for the first time and really enjoyed it,” Kathleen told Circles in her interview.

Kathleen can tell you all about some of what it takes to prepare for an event in a professional setting.  “It’s a lot of cleaning, and putting tablecloths, candles, and flowers on the tables to make them look nice.  You should wear nice clothes and make yourself look ‘fooffie’”.  She also told us that having a meeting before a big event helps to plan what jobs each person will do and help you know what to expect.

Kathleen also likes to host her own Christmas party at home.  She sends out invitations and asks for guests to RSVP.  She likes that having a party means being able to see friends she doesn’t get to see very often during the rest of the year, and to see everyone dressed up in their best clothes.  For her parties, she makes cookies, and plans a gift exchange.  She says having a party at home is not hard, but it can be messy.

Kathleen told us the most important things to remember at any event is to have enough food for everyone, with options for healthier eating, be ready on time, always wear a smile, and thank people for coming and invite them to come back again.


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