“What’s your Game Plan?”

Shautief Favorite Team: The Colts. Favorite Game Day Foods: Hotdogs on the grill and chips with nacho cheese dip. “I like to invite my friends over and wear my team jersey. I like to watch, but I also like to play because I like the physical contact. I used to play wide receiver in the Special Olympics. If I don’t watch the game at home, I like to go to the casino and bet on the game.”




Eric-Favorite Team: The Falcons. Favorite Game Day Food: Lays Potato Chips. “I spend the whole on the couch watching 5 games in a row. I have never played football, but would be interested to play sometime.”



Brenda-Favorite Team: The Raiders. Favorite Game Day Foods: Nachos with guacamole. “I like to hang out at the casino bar. Last year I bet on the Saints and won $600! I like to play 2-hand touch football. My favorite part of the game is watching the players run around the field and score touchdowns. My favorite player is Randy Moss.”




Carlo-Favorite Team: The Saints. Favorite Game Day Food: BBQ Ribs from the Smith’s Deli. “I like to bet on the Super Bowl. Last year I bet on the Saints and won! I have played football before, it’s good exercise with all the running around. My favorite player is Reggie Bush.”



Anna-Favorite Team: The Packers. Favorite Game Day Food: Chicken Wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. “I like to go to the bar with my friends. Last year I went to a Super Bowl party at my friend’s house that was a lot of fun. I am pretty upset with Brett Favre for going to the Vikings. I sometimes like to bet on the games.”



Benjamin-Favorite Teams: The Broncos and the Saints. Favorite Game Day Foods: Hot wings from the Smith’s Deli, chips and dip, and pastries. “I like watching football best when my team wins, like last year when the Saints won the Super Bowl. Every year I have a Super Bowl party at my house with my roommates. Football is a really fun sport.”



Sandy-Favorite Team: The Colts. Favorite Game Day Food: Shake ‘n Bake Chicken. “I like to relax and watch the game with my boyfriend at home. He is a Cowboy’s fan and sometimes they play the Colts. On those days I like to tell him his team is ‘going down’. It’s a good rivalry.”