Do you like to invite your friends and family to

your home? Especially at the holidays, it can

be so much to entertain others, and food

is an important part of any occasion. When

serving food  it might seem easy just go to

your local supermarket and buy a pre-made

  vegetable tray and a box of cookies and call it

good, right?  We want to show you that it can

be just as easy to buy fresh food, prepare a

few simple recipes, and create gourmet food

that will impress your guests and make you

feel good about doing something yourself!

Why go gourmet?

Because food is a focus for all the

 people in your life, creating a dish yourself

  can be a wonderful way to show someone

you really care about them.  Just like making

a handmade gift, preparing good food

from scratch shows that you are

willing to take the time to offer

people you care about the experience  of something

they can’t get off a

 supermarket  shelf. As a

 chef once told us “food is

about love.”

 Prepairng your own

 food can save you


When you buy prepared food, even

prepared vegetable trays,

you are paying for someone

else to do the work for you, and

the extra packaging.  By purchasing

fresh ingredients you can buy what you want ,

and even have some left over for another dish.

Consider buying vegetables at your local

Farmer’s Markets,where you buy directly from

the farmer and save the money they spend

sending the food to the supermarket.

Unless your friends are all gourmet chefs

themselves, you will likely have the chance

to introduce them to some foods they have

never tried before. Being able to share

 something new with another person is one of

life’s great treasures.  They may even ask you

for the recipe!

what makes food fancy?

 It’s appealing to look at.

  • Use recipes that have different colored

ingredients so the finished dish will be


  • When selecting your size vegetables, cut

them into different sizes. This will add texture

and make the dish look more interesting.

  • The way it is placed on a plate or serving

tray is called plate design. Instead of just

scooping the food onto a plate, place

food carefully onto places or

serving trays in a way that is neat clean, and nice to look

at. Try using a garnish

that will highlight the dish

and enhances the colors

and flavors of the food.

Use dishes or trays that

are clean and in good


Use fresh, flavorful 


  • Try recipes that have ingredients like fresh spices.

These can add a lot of flavor to a dish

without a lot of extra cost or hassle.

  • Use recommended dressings or sauces to

add both flavor and another way to dress up

the dish.

  • Cheese that is fresh takes on a much richer

flavor then pre-packaged cheese.



Don’t be afraid to try new cheeses like goat cheese, or Gouda.  The deli at Whole Food’s Market will allow you to taste some of cheese before you buy it. A simple cheese platter with crackers alone make a great appetizer at a party when the cheese is fresh and flavorful. We want your next get together to be impressive and full great food! We have included 2 simple recipes to your holiday entertaining started. Bon Appetit!