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Issue #1 – Movie Reviews (Ratatouille / Julie & Julia)


A Disney/Pixar Movie
Animated, 2007, Rated G

Who’s in it (voices)?
Patton Oswalt (Remy), Ian Holm (Skinner), Lou Romano (Linguini), Brian Dennehy (Django), Peter Sohn (Emile), Peter O’Toole (Anton Ego), Brad Garrett (Gusteau), Janeane Garofalo (Colette)

What’s it about?
This is a fun movie about a mouse (Remy) who becomes friends with the son of a chef. The mouse loves to make (and eat) good food and he helps the young man to cook good food in his dad’s restaurant. It takes place in Paris, France. Besides just being about food, the movie was also about making good friends and teaching someone something new.

What did we like?
We liked that it was funny, especially how the rat controlled the son’s movements by sitting on his head, helping him to cook. It had great characters, and we liked seeing rats cooking in the kitchen. It had good family and friendship values, and had people and rats working together to make good food.

What didn’t we like?
We thought it started a little slow, and one of the chef’s in the restaurant was mean. A part at the end was sort of sad.


Definitely SEE IT!thumbsup

Julie & Julia

A Columbia Pictures Movie
Biography, 2009, Rated PG-13

Who’s in it?
Meryl Streep (Julia Child), Amy Adams (Julie Powell), Stanley Tucci (Paul Child), Chris Messina (Eric Powell), Linda Emond (Simone Beck), Helen Carey (Louisette Bertholle), Mary Lynn Rajskub (Sarah)

What’s it about?
This is a movie about a woman who wants to cook all the recipes in Julia Child’s first cookbook and write about it in her blog. Julia Childs is a famous woman chef. There is a lot about cooking and learning to make recipes. It is also about love and how to make a blog.

What did we like?
We liked watching the cooking and how to make all the recipes. Julia Child had a neat accent and she said “bon appétit”. It was funny when she stuffed the turkey. It was nice when her husband stood by her and bought her pearls.

What didn’t we like?
There was some cursing, and it was confusing the way it went back and forth between the past life of Julia Child and the present life of Julie Powell.


We say SEE IT!thumbsup