Welcome to Circles! 


We couldn’t be more excited to pioneer the concept of

bringing people with disabilities in Las Vegas into the

community circle to join in on the action of our great city.

Like everything that comes from Transition Services, Circles

is progressive, contemporary, stylish, and exactly what our

readership deserves in a publication!  In a world that is too

often flooded with someone’s idea of “what is right for a

person with a disability” or “what a person with a disability

will care about” (a person who most likely does not have a

disability), we are opening up a place where anything can be

right and everything can be relevant.

We are all people, and we are all different.  What appeals to

someone may not appeal to another, but it is all worthy and

important if it makes your life better.  We encourage you

to take the information off the pages of each issue and try

something new, share with a friend, practice a new hobby, see

a new place, listen to a new kind of music, meet a new person,

shop a new store, and enjoy a new life experience.

If you are reading this as a caregiver, educator, mentor, family

member, or friend, please take the time and the opportunity

to support a person you love to engage in something in the

community or in the home that could spark them to reach a

new potential.  If you are reading this as a business person,

entertainer, artist, or another member of our community, we

encourage you to embrace new customers, listeners, viewers,

and fans.  If we’re not already in the same circle, let’s jump in


This is the first issue of Circles…enjoy the deliciousness of its

contents because, when it comes right down to it, you do have

great taste, and you deserve to live well-rounded!


Angela Esler-Whelan, Managing Editor

PS- You asked me for my cake ball recipe…

turn to page  14   and start cooking!