to the premier edition of Transitions Service’s lifestyle magazine Circle

We started this magazine for the people with intellectual disabilities,  to whom we have provided

programs  and employment for over the last 12 years.  In the beginning our day program had

seven people. As of this November, we employ over 300 people with disabilities and over

70 staff.  With our growth it becomes more and more important to provide all types of work

choices to give each person a better shot at finding satisfaction.

It has been an honor for me to be present when a person working at our company says “ I never knew

I could draw”  or  “ The lady at the house we cleaned today gave us a thank you card” or

“Can I try making  a screen print” or “ I did not know I could take good photographs”. The list

goes on…..

Having a “magazine  division”  is yet another option for people to explore and earn a pay

check.  Like all of our small business “incubators”,  our goal is to engage people in every aspect

of operation ; writing copy, developing story ideas, taking photos,  reporting on an event,

interviewing,  selling advertising, learning aspects of graphic design, and then there is mailing

and delivery.

We  hope that now, and over time, this magazine will be both a reflection of the ideas of people

with intellectual disabilities and a tool that helps everyone think,  “I can do that,  I can fit in, or  I

can change the community around me so it fits  me.“

For those of you who know us well, you know that we have started all of our new ventures with

lots of hard work and very little money.  This holds true today as well,  which is why  I am using

this opportunity  ask for  help.

We rent five buildings throughout the Vegas valley, and despite the economic downturn, we

have grown. When it comes to  space…well, we just don’t have any.  We would love some help

in finding a building between 5000 sq ft and 10.000 square feet that will need to have some very specific

zoning requirements for yet another very special business we would like to start.  Our preference

would be to own rather than rent such a property.  If you think you may be able to help or would

like to know more about the project please contact me.

I also want to  thank all that have supported us in the past,  especially  our customers  who use

Yards  4  You to keep up with your landscaping ,  Time 2 Shine for cleaning your home  or business,

and, of course, everyone who has purchased a handmade craft item at Studio 8 Ten,  or one of

the many farmers  markets and craft  fairs  we participate in.

Now, you can  purchase a subscription for Circles or consider placing an advertisement for

your business.  We have printed 5,000 copies for our debut and hope to print even more next

quarter. All employees of Transition Services will receive copies for free as well as many other

non profits, schools, and agencies.

My Sincere Thanks and Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season,

Sally Rothfuss, Executive Director, Transition  Services, Inc.