Restaurant: Tournament of Kings


Location: Excalibur Casino & Hotel


Hours: Monday – 6pm, Tuesday – dark, Wednesday – 6pm, Thursday – Sunday, 6pm & 8:30 pm



Phone: (702) 587-7600 Website:



Average Meal Price Per Person: $63.33 includes show w/tax, food and soft drink


Type of food: Cornish hen, broccoli, biscuit, tomato soup,

potatoes and an apple raisin pastry for dessert

About the Show:

Upon arrival you are led into a medieval arena. As you are seated by your waiter you are offered a large cup of “dragon blood”, better known as tomato soup. As the lights dim a wizard appears and he parades around the arena and the show begins. The audience cheers for their designated knight by screaming “huzzah”! There are knights from Spain, Russia, France, Norway, and Ireland. They introduce the king and queen while maidens dance around. Horses thunder into the arena through fog and flashing lights. Invading armies besiege the arena and the jousting competition begins. The show is action packed from start to finish and there is even an evil king with a fire breathing dragon.

Our Experience:

The show performers were very interactive with the crowd and taught us medieval phrases such as “huzzah”, and how to toast our cups while pounding on the edge of our tables (which is a display of love and appreciation for our King). We enjoyed invading armies, dancing maidens jousting, fireworks, and eating with our fingers. The food was served on a large platter with no utensils or condiments, the experience really placed you directly in medieval times! The smell of horses, dirt, smoke and fog, and the visual display of strobe lights in an enclosed area are some things sensitive persons should be aware of and attend at your own risk. We also found accessibility to be somewhat challenging as far as navigating the crowds and finding accessible elevators, but worth the effort in the end.

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Our Rating: We loved this show, it was AWESOME!




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