KJ Frisina

By Dominique Clay-Brown and Joseph Herkert; Photos courtesy of Melinda Lysdal and the Special Olympics Team

KJ Frisina is very unique athlete who participates in many different  sports. He currently competes in Track & Field, Basketball, and Bowling for The Special Olympics. KJ received the honor to represent Nevada at the World Summer Games in Greece, which were held on June 25 through July 4th, 2011. Although he excels in all three sports, he competed in bowling for the international games.Special Olympics ceremony In this “Real World Spotlight”, we focus on KJ’s Trip to Greece, as well as his general involvement in Special Olympics. KJ has always had a big love for bowling, basketball, and track & field. He has been playing those sports since he turned 18 years old, and has been involved with Special Olympics for many years. KJ tells us that his favorite sport to participate in is bowling, and that he is very good at it. We agree because the highest score he ever bowled is a 234, which is up there with some of the top professional bowlers.

In June, KJ participated in the State Competition in Reno, and was given the honor of carrying the Olympic torch into the auditorium. While there, he received a gold medal in bowling, which made him eligible for participation in Greece. He also got gold in basketball, but was not chosen for the team. He was happy with that, because he prefers to bowl.

Participating in the Special Olympics in Greece is a once in a lifetime event, and KJ was one of only three participants chosen from Nevada. There were participants from over 200 different countries at the games where KJ received a 6th place ribbon, a 5th place ribbon, and a silver medal.

Even with a busy athlete’s schedule, he found time to do some sightseeing while in Greece. He went on an island  cruise, to the beach, and even went to visit the Acropolis. KJ said he really enjoyed Greece and that the weather

was nice and hot. He also told Circles that he made a lot of new friends while overseas. Circles Magazine would like to congratulate KJ for his awards and talents as an international Olympian!


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