Football pools are very popular at Super Bowl parties, so why not have one at yours?  It’s easy, fun, and makes the game more exciting for everyone! 1)       Start by making a grid that has 10 squares going across the top, and 10 squares down the side (shown here).  Write the name of one team at the top and the other down the side.  Number the squares 0-9.


Football Pool Table


2)       Sell each square for the same amount (for example, 25 cents per square).  Each person buying a square (or more then 1) will put their name or initials in that space.   It works best when all the squares are filled.  With fewer people consider selling the squares for less money.

Table 2

3)      At the end of the game, match the last number in Team 1’s score to the numbers going across the top, and the last number in Team 2’s score to the numbers going down the side.  The person who bought the square where the 2 numbers meet wins all the money! (example: if Team one has 13 and Team 2 has 21, the square circled in red above is the winner)             



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